Al Bannai Debt Collection

Debt collections can be tricky and often times, extremely difficult. In this modern era, more and more people are confronted with the adverse effects of juggling bills, credit and debt constantly. Financial planning and debt solutions really benefit from the advice and guidance of someone who deals with these issues every day. It isn't easy to recover delinquent payments or to convince people to pay bills they have already refused to pay. More and more people are seeking professional help when it comes to dealing with both personal and business debt. A good professional will have solutions for tax debt and other debt situations. A good financial recovery solutions resource can help most people get started on finding manageable solutions to debt and credit problems, whether those debts were incurred by a business or an individual. That's why it is very important that you choose the right debt collection agency. Don’t you worry to seek for, you have such a best, guaranteed, experienced & success-tracking company just at your finger tip;

Al Bannai Debt Collection & Recovery Bureau, part of Al Bannai Group of Companies established in 1996, is best & one of the first Debt Collection Service providers in UAE and within the years of successful expertise we are proud to be the No.1 on the scale of successful debt collection & recovery in the region.

Our experienced staff provides collection and litigation services to recover outstanding commercial, consumer, medical, insurance subrogation and other accounts, anywhere in UAE.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of representation and service at a reasonable cost. We serve you on the basis of" No Success No Fee” policy. We provide charge-free consultation & assessment of the client’s case backgrounds, offering if found necessary variations of methods used in our practice, with respect to UAE Laws and International Legislative regulations.

Our goal is to outline the available options to you in an informative and concise manner. We understand that being unable to collect a debt adds financial stress that effects your bottom-line. We not only provide necessary information but also manage debt collection so that there is a substantial increase in your debt collection. We hope to serve an important aspect of being an expert debt collection agency.

          Our Clients base from banks, multinational companies to individual personal debts. We also provide all types of legal services through advocates office which is licensed to deal with all sorts of civil cases at all levels. By our professional services you will save your time, money & effort & can concentrate on your business while we recovering your debts.

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